What are you looking forward to this week?

What do you think when you see this question?

Do you want to turn it into,

“What fires do I need to fight this week?”

Or is your answer, “Friday evening when I can relax and enjoy the weekend.”

I’d like to hold this moment in time with you and share the difference that creating space to be present in your work and your life can make.

Last week, I pondered this question. I had a busy week ahead, feelings of nervousness were abound and so I took a few minutes to focus my thinking specifically on looking forward.

Nerves became excitement, worry turned into opportunity, statements into questions and I have to say, looking back now, last week was absolutely amazing for Think Musique!

In honour of that, today I am appreciating those experiences.

By being present in the experiences of last week I was privileged in bearing witness to the beauty and elegance borne of collective thinking with my clients at Embryo Digital. I worked with and collaborated on new ventures with Company DNA where connections were sparked that hold so much possibility for the future.

More than anything, with worry and concern held to one side, space existed in my mind to be both open to, and present in each moment. I now know that last week, I REALLY lived and I want to help more people feel that way at the end of each week.

Thank you – to each and every person who was part of my life last week, and thank you to each of you who now get in touch with me so that I can share how mindset can be shifted and fulfilment can be ignited.

“Space for you to look, where once you thought there was nothing to see.”