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Effective leadership can ultimately be boiled down to one factor: confidence. Stemming from the Latin confidentia, and again confidere (or to ‘have full trust’), confidence is more than self-belief – it’s an assuredness that others can believe in.

At Think Musique, our aim is to encourage leaders to become more trusting of themselves. We believe that self-confidence is infectious, and you’ll present yourself better as result of believing in your own ability. Provided you also treat staff as equals, you’ll experience a newfound respect.

As a result of our Leadership programmes, employees and stakeholders will perceive you as a true commander-in-chief who believes in diverse values and equality. This can help create a significant change in team efficiency and performance.


SDI package

Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) psychometric exercise, and relationship awareness theory, our aim is to distil your self-confidence and ambition into a format your team can embrace. This package is for organisations aiming to enhance their leaders and workforce alike. The new common language it creates has long lasting positive effects on engagement, productivity and communication.


Strength-finder package

For organisations seeking a less rigorous approach and wanting to identify strengths alone, we have a strength-finder package. Here, we focus on the personal development of team members, but less on how they can be used to the betterment of your business.


Transitional support

As an additional offering, we support those currently facing a change in career paths. We spend most of our lives in the workplace, and a change in career can be perceived as a threat to livelihood. To counter such immense pressure, our course focuses on handling the change in role and performing to the standard expected of the position.

Think Musique

Team Support

Striking the balance between thinking and doing is one of the biggest struggles facing modern teams in the workplace. 

Here at Think Musique, we’ve developed corporate workshops that are tailored to making significant improvements to your bottom line. All information is delivered concisely, and sessions seek to focus on building trust through communication using a foundation of equality.

Each of our programmes are bespoke to different offices aspirations. We recognise barriers to learning and ensure there is determination inherent with your organisation before teasing it out. In this way, leaders and employees can enjoy a positive work life.


Get fit for healthy conflict

The fear of conflict is often what prevents full team development. Team members can hold back from saying what they truly think so as not to ‘upset the apple cart’, even though these thoughts could contain sought-after productivity drivers. This course does not seek to eliminate that fear, but promote and practise healthy conflict.


Transforming meetings

Leaders and team members are rarely, if ever, trained in holding meetings. Through this course, we develop the ability of delegates to approach meetings in a transformational way, ensuring fairness and the experience of thinking environment exercises.


Bespoke team support

Utilising a wealth of experience in designing and delivering inspirational courses, we offer retained coaching support for your organisation. Custom-built entirely to your company, our ongoing support is designed to galvanise collaboration.


Belonging – The difference that diversity creates

Our intense desire to connect with others through ‘sameness’ has led to a situation where often, if you are different, it’s thought you won’t fit in and that negative bias prevents the full effectiveness of any team or organisation. Through this course, delegates explore what it means to belong and gain tools on how to foster that in both work and life.


Change – The steps you want to take

Our environment is constantly evolving and change is us adapting to that. This course helps people to explore and understand it’s effects. Using proven mindset tools, delegates will learn how they can navigate through uncertainty and make positive outcomes a reality.

Think Musique

Autism In The Workplace

As well as offering guidance on self-actualising as a leader, we work to build languages in workplaces so that autistic individuals can flourish in employment.

It is our belief, along with much of the progressive world, that autistic employees bring unique skills and benefits to the workforce. However, due to certain situations requiring an awareness of social cues, autistic employees often struggle – despite a desire to engage with others.

Our support aims to pair this desire for communication and work relationships with a lexicon that neurotypical employees (and employers) understand.


Employ a buddy system

To put it simply, there are rules in modern communication that autistic employees don’t recognise. Our belief is that, by utilising the Accessibility to Work Scheme, employers can arrange a buddy system within their workplace (at no cost to themselves) where an extroverted neurotypical can help prevent an autistic member of staff from making potential societal faux pas.


Develop a common language

This collection of experiences informs the rest of the organisation, leading to a healthier workplace for the autistic employee as well as an improved web of communication. After all, knowing the strengths of others allows us to deploy them more effectively in certain areas.


Establish a mutual benefit

If you were to ask any employee if they believed they should accommodate those who struggle with workplace dynamics, they would say yes. The buddy system promotes positive conversation along with a more enjoyable working environment for both parties.